AHA mandelic peel

Hyper-pigmentation post acne, scars.

This AHA chemical peel can help in hyper-pigmentation post acne, scars, oil control, facial rejuvenation, discoloration from past acne, uneven skin tone, improve fine lines, men’s skin.

Mandelic acid is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) obtained from almonds. It has the higher molecular weight than any other AHA, and as a result its action is slower than the others avoiding skin burning.

Also peels do not stop penetrating the skin until neutralized.

It breaks the union between corneal cells removing aging cells, debris and pollutants attached to the skin surface.

Minimizes the appearance of the fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating collagen and elastin contents in the dermis. 

Revitalizes dull, sun damaged and tired skin. Firm tones and restores youthful glow. Removes dead skin cells and prone clogging debris to unclog pores and effectively treats hormonal breakouts.

Skin may be a bit pink, thigh and dry following the peel.

Mandelic acid does not penetrate the skin aggressively.

When acids are applied to the skin, it is an exfoliation treatment, which means the dead skin cells are being lifted so newer, healthier cells can shine.

It works to accelerate cell turnover by dissolving the tiny bonds that hold skin cells together, helping to remove dead skin on the surface of the skin that can lead to dull complexions as well as fine lines.

Skin is refreshed without irritation and scratching. Helps to brighten irregular pigmentation. Helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines. Reduces redness.

It has no photosensitizing effect and actively inhibits melanogenesis.

It doesn’t provokes edema or hyperemia.

Can be applied in hands and décolleté.

Can help to:

Anti-aging, spot blemishes, crow’s feet, enlarged pores,  age spots, photo damaged skin, youth protection, scaly skin, hyper-pigmentation, ingrown hairs, men’s skin, uneven skin texture, uneven skin tone, sun damage, excessive oil, spot blemishes.

Acne prone skin, hyper-pigmentation post acne, scars, combination, sun damaged, sensible skin, Oil control. Facial rejuvenation. Acne scaring. Redness and discoloration from past acne. Improves fine lines. Men’s skin. Hyper-pigmentation, melasma.



  • pregnancy and lactation
  • herpes
  • warts
  • secondary infection
  • small scratch marks on skin
  • skin hypersensitivity
  • oncological diseases
  • eczema
  • psoriasis
  • sunburned skin

Can be used in summer.

For external use only. Do not apply to broken or peeling skin. Immediately rinse with water and discontinue use if excessive redness or irritation occurs. Keep out of reach of children.

Presentation & Reference:

Bottle   50 mL (1.76 fl.oz)        Reference 102148

Bottle   50 mL (1.76 fl.oz)        Reference 102155

General information:

All products are dully registered as a chemical exfoliant. The manufacturer or distributors are not responsible in any case of any kind of damages caused by third parties or adverse effects.

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