mesotherapy, chemical peeling & serum

The more you love your skin, the better it will look!

We can help you feel and look more beautiful. 

Mesotherapy, chemical peeling and serum

The best mesotherapy, chemical peeling, & serum solutions made especially for you with the best technology and all our love.

Our history and commitments

The idea of creating their own brand of cosmetic products has its origin in the research of one of the founding partners, an mesoinstitute mesoterapia extracto caviar hebe serum intime exfoliation mature skin acne peeling quimico MD immunologist, and his wife: they wanted to share with the world the benefits of their caviar extract and the benefits for the skin and from there developed what is today mesoINSTITUTE.

What distinguishes us and makes us unique:

  • The caviar extract produced in our laboratory after years of research. Rich in trace elements, peptides and minerals. Unique in the market.
  • The state-of-the-art of cosmetic products made with the entire Swiss scientific-medical rigor and applying the latest technologies with the best products that can be found on the market. Those cosmetics are the result of years of research by prestigious medical specialists in anti-aging.
  • The professional trajectory of our technical team is more than 30 years in the world of medical-clinical research developing and researching in the field of beauty and anti aging cosmetics.
  • Share with everyone the benefits of research on anti-aging products, to feel better, inside and out.
  • mesoinstitute caviar extract mesotherapy chemical peel serum hyaluronic acid peptides trace elements wrinklesWe are a manufacturing laboratory, thus having control of the entire product process: from the design of the formula until it reaches the consumer’s hands.
  • Nowadays, taking care of yourself is not exclusive to the female gender: men and trasngender also take care of themselves since the skin and aging do not understand sexes.
  • Our products have the vocation to help people feel better.  
  • The staff of professionals (doctors, pharmacists, …,) of our laboratory is committed to research every day to improve our own formulations with the spirit of helping each person who uses our products to feel better about themselves. 
  • Our R + D + i department is 100% dedicated to the search for the best active ingredients on the market for the design of new formulations that respond to the demands of the beauty sector. Our philosophy is that each person feels better day by day and that each one accepts themself as it is but with the help of our products he looks better, but never pretend to be who it is not.

Committed to the environment:

  • We recycle all possible materials through an authorized waste manager.
  • Reduction of contamination in packaging: we choose the most sustainable materials available.
  • We ensure that the manufacturing materials that we use are, as far as possible, of Km. 0, thus minimizing CO2 emissions and supporting local companies. mesoinstitute environment hyaluronic acid peptides trace elements km 0
  • We encourage the use of electronic files to minimize the use of paper.
  • The air conditioning of our facilities turns off automatically in the afternoons and on weekends.

Committed to equal opportunities:

  • Company with 80% of the workforce made up of women over 38 years of age. Everyone is given an opportunity, no matter the experience, if the desire and motivation is to grow together. mesoinstitute environment equal opportunities caviar extract peptides
  • All of our employees, whether men or women, receive the same salary in equivalent positions.
  • 100% of our employment contracts are indefinite.
  • We promote the quality of life of our workers and their well-being.


Our formulations:

  • All formulas are of our own design.
  • Our active ingredients are of pharmaceutical quality.
  • We use the best active ingredients currently available on the market.
  • We minimize the presence of preservatives and stabilizers.
  • Always looking for improvement, effectiveness and excellence.
  • We do not test on animals or endanger any species, be it flora or fauna that is in danger of extinction. We are a «cruelty free» company.
  • Our cosmetics are #NoGenderSkinCare
  • Some of our formulations are #VeganFriendly

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