Detox face mesotherapy

mesoINSTITUTE solutions for skin cell detox, antifree radicals, antioxidant.


mesoinstitute mesotherapy dermapen microneedling anti ox cell detox vitamin C caviar extract anti free radicals

mesoINSTITUTE detox solution/07 is a complete anti-oxidant and anti-radical formula to restore cell metabolism. It stimulates natural defense of the skin. To the anti-oxidation activity of the different components of the formula, we have included basic substances of caviar origin that helps to restore the cell metabolism and the skin immunology. For women and men of all ages.

anti free radicals caviar extract mesoinstitute mesotherapy cocktails barcelona  Skin cell detox antifree radicals antioxidant

detox solution/07


mesoINSTITUTE anti-OX solution/08 is an anti-aging solution designed to correct the oxidative stress and prevent premature skin aging. To the equilibrated components in the formula which have the strongest anti-oxidative power, the addition of minerals, amino acids, peptides and cytokines from caviar origin obtained by a private method increases the prevention of the premature skin aging. For women and men of all ages.

anti oxidant skin cell detox wrinkles anti aging caviar extract vitamin c vitamin a mesotherapy cocktail mesoinstitute Skin cell detox antifree radicals antioxidant

anti-OX solution/08

mesoINSTITUTE anti-ROS solution/09 is an anti-radical formula to slow cellular aging due to oxidative stress by reducing cell-surface oxidase in skin. Skin appearance was improved through decreased protein cross-linking and an accelerated increase in collagen synthesis. Also prevents hyperpigmentation intrinsic or photo-induced. For women and men of all ages.

anti free radicals anti pollution hyperpigmentation anti oxidant anti aging elasticity vitamin e vitamin c glutation mesotherapy cocktails mesoinstitute

anti-ROS solution/09

mesoINSTITUTE vitamin C/32 is a solution of ascorbic acid in high concentration that can be used alone or in combination with other cocktails.

It has whitening and anti-oxidant properties that will protect the skin, and also it prevents and treats ultraviolet-induced photodamage, lessening the effects of exposure to the elements. Inhibits melanin synthesis. It has a powerfull antioxidant activity neutralizing free radicals. For women and men of all ages and all types of skin.

vitamin_c_whitening_glowing_skin__melanin_collagen_anti_oxidant_made_in_barcelona_mesotherapy_cocktails__mature_skin Skin cell detox antifree radicals antioxidant

vitamin C/32

General information:

All products are dully registered as a topical cosmetics. The manufacturer or distributor are not responsible in any case of any kind of damages caused by third parties or adverse effects.  

No parabens, preservatives, ingredients of animal origin or colouring. Microbiologically tested.

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