To reinforce hair bulbs and stimulate hair growth.

Our Hair mesotherapy solutions are designed to help to reinforce hair bulbs and stimulate hair growth.

Hair loss can be caused by many factors, both in men and women, regardless of age…

Alopecia is divided into non-scarring (the hair follicle is not destroyed, only its functionality is changed) and scarring (the hair follicle can be destroyed, causing its decline and weak presence). Finally most forms of hair loss are caused by hormone imbalance in and arround the hair follicle, lack of right nutrients and reduced blood circulation. 

 hair solution/04

mesoinstitute hair solution reinforce hair bulbs and stimulate hair growth alopecia  

is a solution designed to reinforce hair bulbs and stimulate hair growth to prevent hair loss. It has a mixture of potent anti-oxidants that optimizes metabolic performance of the catabolic and anabolic pathways and protein synthesis. It seeks a longer duration of anagen phase (growth). The particular caviar extraction process allow us to provide actives amino acids in free form or as essential peptides basics in cell activation and stimulation processes, having at the end stimulation of blood circulation and as result the hair follicle can grow and survive. No gender skin care. 


  • Stimulates cell metabolism
  • Longer duration of anagen phase
  • Slows follicle aging process
  • Prevents hair loss
  • Improves microcirculation in scalp
  • Helps accelerate hair growth


Piscum ovum extract, Biotin, Gluthatione, Panthenol, Vitamin E, Cysteine, Iron, Thiamine.

Contains fish derivate. May cause an allergic reaction.


Box       10 vials of 5 mL      Reference      102810

vitamin B5/33

mesoinstitute hair solution reinforce hair bulbs and stimulate hair growth alopecia  vitamin b5

Dexpanthenol is essential for the normal function of epitelial tissues.

It has different activities and properties: it acts as a moisturizer, reducing transepidermal water loss, helps to manage the negative results that oxidative stress has on the skin, such as redness, fine lines and skin roughness and it activates the fibroblast proliferation and accelerates re-epithelization in wound healing.

mesoINSTITUTE vitamin B5/33 is especially beneficial for the treatment of oily skin and acne but it is also very profitable to improve the hair condition. No gender skin care.


  • Reduces stretch marks
  • To fight hair loss
  • Anti-aging effect
  • Reduces acne
  • Against oily skin
  • Reduces scars




Box       10 vials of 5 mL       Reference       102391

vitamin B7/34

mesoinstitute hair solution reinforce hair bulbs and stimulate hair growth alopecia  biotin vitamin b7

Biotin, also known as vitamin H, is necessary for cell growth, production of fatty acids and for metabolizing fats and amino acids.

It influences the composition of keratin and promotes the formation of intercellular lipid layers through increased lipid synthesis, which improves the skin’s natural barrier function and provides a distinct reduction of fine wrinkles in the skin (the correct and efficient fat production processes are critical for the health of all cells).

mesoINSTITUTE vitamin B7/34 can be used to alleviate the symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis, eczema and dry skin, as well as combating hair loss and graying. 

Biotin is so effective against hair loss and helps increase the health of the hair. It is the vitamin that keeps the hair healthy, strong and glossy. No gender skin care.


  • Activates hair growth
  • To fight acne
  • Helps skin rejuvenation
  • Anti-aging effect



Box      10 vials of 5 mL       Reference      102407


For external use only. Do not apply to broken or peeling skin. Immediately rinse with water and discontinue use if excessive redness or irritation occurs. Do not store once open. 

Keep out of reach of children. Open carefully. Avoid contact with the eyes.

General information:

All products are dully registered as a topical cosmetics. The manufacturer or distributor are not responsible in any case of any kind of damages caused by third parties or adverse effects. 

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