Mesotherapy, chemical peel and restoratives. Biomimics. Active peptides

♥ Mesotherapy solutions, Chemical Peels

and restoratives by mesoINSTITUTE

Produced in Catalonia- Spain

Advanced professional mesotherapy solutions, chemical peels & restoratives.

For professional use.

High quality products for the best professionals.

Distributors: Mesotherapy, chemical peel and restoratives. Biomimics. Active peptides

♥ Biomimics. Active peptides

  Biomimicry by mesoInstitute® 

Produced in Catalonia- Spain

Is the next concept on mesotherapy.

Based on different nature biomimics, active peptides obtained by biotechnology, present in the final solution add their power of action to other actives substances that had shown their activity in classical mesotherapy cocktails.


One of the problems of those biomimics peptides is their possible loose of activity when in solution. This is why in our mesotherapy they are two vials: the lyophilized vial which contains all possible peptides that can loose their activity in a few hours or days once in solution, and a second vial containing specific solvent of each kind mesotherapy, containing the substances that it is known to restrain their activity in solution.

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